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Beier UFR1230 ESC / USM-RC-2 sound module

Not so much a new item but something fairly exciting!

I have been running the UFR1230 ESC in my scania R620 for some months now and have to say that it id nothing short of superb. The only small niggle was the connection of lighting and direction data from the ESC to the USM. that has now gone away!

There are a couple of firmware upgrades for the ESC and the USM which, if you are running both, are invaluable. These upgrades introduce digital communication of all data from the UFR to the USM. So no more extra wires. One small not is that on the USM configuration the general/lights tab you do need to make sure that the "indicators possible" column is ticked all the way. then make sure that digital communication box is ticked on the UFR and the USM. Having done that the interface is tighter and better.

I had the UFR set to provide indicators, and all the standard lights (sides, dipped, main beam, brakes reverse and indicators.) plus the IR link to the trailer which also ran the leg servo. The leg servo took up a slot so I was a bit pressed for actions on the UFR. Now you have a choice. either the UFR OR the USM can run the IR interface. If you link the USM up then all the UFR light information can be transferred so you can have brakes, side lights indicators and reversing lights on the trailer via IR link. The IR servos are driven from the USM now and NOT the UFR. Also the USM can drive the IR lights!

If you decide to leave the IR link on the UFR then the IR link lighting information comes fram the UFR and NOT the USM, similarly the IR servo information. HMM some testing to do!

So this upgrade to the firmware introduces some good possibilities but as with everything you may need to think about the ramifications.

New Products

Beier UFR1230 ESC for trucks

The Beier UFR-1230 ESC at a glance:
Speed controller for brushed DC motors
Designed specially for trucks and other vehicles
Supply voltage: 6 - 18 V
Maximum motor current: 30 A
Powerful BEC with 5,2 V, 3 A
8 switching-outputs for lights
Optional settings: load regulation, cruise control, different brake functions.
Additional options adjustable with the software "Drive-Teacher" more information shop now

English manual is available here manual for UFR1230

Rotating /flashing RC controlled Beacon Bar

Rc controllled rotating beacon bar

We are extremely proud to be able to bring you a 4sectin 5 element rotating beacon bar

This beacon bar has 4 simulated rotating sections with 5 elements in each. The bar has 5 modes which are selectable via the supplied sub miniature push-button OR via RC.

The modes are:-
1. Fast rotate
2. Slow Rotate
3. flash mode 1
4. flash mode 2
5. Off
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RC3d truck/trailer mud flaps

RC3d Scania Biler mud flap
click here to go to the item

RC3d Scania colour mud flap
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RC3d Scania King of the Road mud flap
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Crawler roof racks

FZ crawler roofrack with spots
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FZ crawler roofrack with spots
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Crawler wheels and tyres

Cnc machined wheels, pressed steel wheels and a selection of soft rubber tyres

MHPC 1/10th CNC crawler wheels and tyres
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CNC Land Anchor

A Cnc machined and working land anchor for use with 1/10th scale crawlers

MHPC 1/10th CNC Land Anchor
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CNC truck rear bumper bar

A CNC rod type truck bumper with mounts

TBRC CNC truck rear bumper
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CNC trailer Bumper

MHPC Trailer bumper with square light Bezels

TBRC CNC trailer bumper
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We also have a version with round bezels.

TBRC CNC trailer bumper
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