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ETTI Power Analyser Manual



  1. Avoid in contact with flammable, alkaline and acidic substances.
  2. Avoid direct contact with water.
  3. Do not reverse the polarity of the electrical supply input, it may damage the device.
  4. Keep the product away from magnetic field such as iron, nichrome, battery and motor should not be placed within 25mm. This is to assure the measuring accuracy of the device.
  5. Extra attention: Any signal made by wireless or telecom device during analyzing process may cause discrepancy to the sample result.


This device specializes in testing the output performance of the power cell as well as the rotational speed of the brushless motor. It can perform real time monitoring, sampling, recording and analyzing. With the help of the analyzing software, users can observe the change in output electric current, voltage, rotational speed of the motor in a certain time interval, so that they can assess the cell capacity and motor combinations and hence make evaluation. Owing to its small size and light weight, users can obtain a live and actual sample data in its voyage, in order to choose the best cell and motor combination. The device can work stably and shows a clear and accurate result. It is mainly used for RC Plane, boat and car and scientific research of power cell monitor, analysis and configuration. Attachment to the device: a USB Module (RS232), a USB data bus, a package of analyzing software. See pic1

Installation of USB driver

The USB driver must be installed to the computer in order to enable data communication between the power analyzer and the computer. Details of the Installation of the USB driver are clearly included in the CD. Connections: Assemble the device on the equipment that is going to be checked, connect it in between the electrical supply and the equipment. (Please follow the label on the device for the input and output direction, reverse connection of the polarity may cause permanent damage to the device.) Please see Pic 2 for the connection method power analyser connection diagram Pic 2
The lead wire should match the required cross sectional area of the working current.



the indicator is beside the data interface.
  • Sample awaiting status: Flashes alternatively in 1 second
  • Sampling status: Flashes quickly
  • Complete sampling: Lasting bright

Connection to data bus:

Connect the Power analyzer and the USB with the help of the interface board and the USB cable.
Electricity must be supplied during data exchange.


Through the software setting :
  1. Serial port selection Set COM1~COM15 to choose the data interface of the computer. (when several serial ports are in use.) Firstly, check the serial port setting of the computer: Control>System>Hardware>Driver>(COM ? LPT), find the serial number for the connectable COM, choose the corresponding COM serial port in the [Serial port setting] and test its communication status.
  2. Setting of sampling time interval
    • Sampling time interval 0.1s ->Total recording time lasts for 8.3 minutes
    • Sampling time interval 0.2s ->Total recording time lasts for 16.7 minutes
    • Sampling time interval 0.3s ->Total recording time lasts for 25 minutes
    • Sampling time interval 0.4s ->Total recording time lasts for 33.3 minutes
    • Sampling time interval 0.5s ->Total recording time lasts for 41.7 minutes
    • Sampling time interval 0.6s ->Total recording time lasts for 50 minutes
    • Sampling time interval 0.7s ->Total recording time lasts for 58.3 minutes
    • Sampling time interval 0.8s ->Total recording time lasts for 66.7 minutes
    • Sampling time interval 0.9s ->Total recording time lasts for 75 minutes
    • Sampling time interval 1s ->Total recording time lasts for 83.3 minutes
  3. Setting of the operating electric current - User can set the operating electric current ranging from 1A to 10A.
  4. Deferred starting, time setting - Set the deferred starting time after the operating electric current has reached the required value, ranging from 1 second to 10 seconds.
  5. Setting of pole of motor - Setting of the pole of motor to test the accurate rotational speed of the motor.


connect the electrical supply when the device is connected.

History clearance

Press and hold the button for 3 seconds to clear the last record. The device cannot execute new sampling when the last history is not cleared.

Setting of the operating electric current:

When you draw a current equal or greater than that of the start up value the analyzer will start recording after the preset deferred starting time - the indicator will flash quickly. The sampling process should be completed without interuption.

Completion of sampling process:

The indicator will remain lit when the sampling process is complete.


Connect the data wire after downloading is completed. See the record analysis interface as in picture below
power analyser screen shot
  • Voltage: Blue line
  • Voltage displaying range ratio: 30V / 60V
  • Electric current: Red line
  • Electric current displaying range ratio: 25A / 50A / 100A / 150A , for observation and analysis
  • Rotational speed: Green line


  • Working voltage: 6~60V
  • Testing current: 0~150A
  • Electric current sampling A/D resolution: 10bit
  • Electric current resolution: 0.2A
  • Voltage resolution: 0.1V
  • Size(exclude wires and cables): 31mm×48mm×11mm
  • Weight: approx 30g


Portable LCD Operation Panel

The pondside display can be attached as in the picture below.

connection of the display box

Software of the operation panel:

Connect the Power analyzer with the device using the data wire. After the power analyzer has powered on, the LCD operation panel displays the software version. It will then enter the following options:
  • Peak Value (Peak value)
    • Lowest voltage highest electric current Used(battery Consumption) Used power
  • Data History (Complete set of data history)
  • Data clearance (Deletion of data)
  • Instant Value (real time value)
    • Voltage
    • Electric current
    • Power
    • Rotational speed
  • Parameter Set (Setting of parameter)
    • Sampling Interval (Sampling interval)
    • Startup Amp (Initial electric current)
    • Sampling Defer. Defer. = Deferment (Deferred sampling)
    • Pole of motor (Pole of brushless motor)
    • Write Data (Input of data)
  • Read PA Version (Read the software version of the power analyzer)

    Power Analyser -Portable LCD Operation Panel


    This device forms a complete set with the Power Analyser. With the connection of the data wire, the LCD shows the instant parameter setting of the data. The small and portable size of the device is specifically suitable at outdoors where calculators are not conveniently used. Attention: Only English interface is available.

    Points to note

    1. Avoid violent impact
    2. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight
    3. Keep the product away from water and oily substances.
    4. The LCD display is NOT waterproof


    Connect the Power Analyser and the Portable LCD Operation Panel with the data wire as shown below:


    The functions of the 4 keys are as follow:
    • [SET] Confirm/ Enter
    • [UP] / [DOWN] Add/Minus , Select
    • [EXIT] Exit
    Turn the Power Analyser on by connecting the power. The Portable LCD operation Panel will show and provide 3 seconds to enter the following options
    1. Peak Value
      • Lowest Voltage
      • Highest Electric Current
      • Used: (no. of charge used) mAH
      • Power: (power used) W
      • Data History - Press [UP] / [DOWN] to check the history of data after entering the Data History menu, Data Accuracy: Set at sampling interval to be the smallest time interval.
    2. Data Clearance (Delete the data records)
    3. Instant Value
      • Voltage V mAH
      • Electric Current A Revolutions rpm
    4. Parameter Set
      • Sampling Interval (Setting of sampling interval) >Press [SET]
      • Startup Amp (Setting of Initial electric current) >Press [SET]
      • Sampling Defer. (Setting of Deferred sampling) >Press [SET]
      • Pole of motor (Setting of pole of motor) >Press [SET]
    5. Write Data (Writing data) Press [EXIT] arbitrarily to return to the menu of (5)Parameter Set
    6. Read PA Version (To read the software version of the Power Analyser)


    Working Voltage: DC5V (Electrically supplied by the Power Analyser) Working Electric current: < 20mA Display: Double lines English caption Size: 80mm x 36mm 22mm Weight: about 60grams
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