Instructions for installation and operation of detachable 4-axle steering Trailer
Thank you very much for your purchase. Please read the manual carefully before assembling and using the product.

This product is divided into three parts packaging and delivery. Before use, the product needs to be installed and debugged. This product limits battery size of 100 * 30 * 15mm, battery capacity of 1500mha and discharge capacity of 20c. The steering system has been debugged normally.

1 front

Steering description:

Photo caption:

A . The thick orange red grey 3P line controls the lift effect of the F servo. Use a knob channel control, pay attention to setting the stroke of the steering gear to prevent the steering gear from burning due to locked rotation.

B. controls the middle servo to adjust the width of the trailer

C . The control for the motor at the removal position, use a knob channel.


Due to the small volume of the battery compartment and the small battery, it is recommended to adjust the throw the knob channel to 75%. There is no limit switch for the extension of the lowering motor. Pay attention to the extension distance to prevent the screw rod from detaching. Reduction motor retracts limit switch limit.

D and E Main power switch and voltage display.

F Pay attention to the position of the steering gear to prevent locked rotation and adjust the throw.

Due to the small size of the battery compartment, it is recommended that the receiver be placed in a stainless steel enclosure. Please remove 5 screws M2 * 4 for installation.

Front contact plate

1&2  5V negative pole, 3&4  5V positive

5.7.9. Blank. To strengthen the signal connection, it can be combined with 6.8.10

6&8 Extension signal line and rotary light signal line of intermediate steering gear

  1. Tire turn signal

CC Front end steering control, step-down module, electric regulating module:

A 7 way output socket.

B。steering servo reverse.

C Steering potentiometer center adjustment.

D ESC, upper part is motor output

E  Three groups of signal lines, S2 and S3 are the above signals 6 and 8, S1 is the motor esc.

F  The UBEC 5V 10A current to supply power for the steering gear.

2 central section

AA Hook installation

There are 10 black hooks and 40 m1.6 * 2.5 cross machine screws. Install according to the drawing.

BB Middle and tail connection.

A  Fix and install 12 m3 * 10 screws.

B  Remove the screws and install them. Pay attention to the original screw hole position.

D  7way lead is inserted into the rear circuit board

E  Turn on the power supply, pay attention to adjusting the stroke of the servo, and use the throw adjustment of the remote control to prevent the servo from limiting and burning.

3 tail

AA Steering gear steering plate description

A   5.0V power socket to power tail light receiver

B   servo lead sockets. From left to right S3, S2, the first axle turns, the second axle turns, the third axle turns, the fourth axle turns.

C   Adjustment of axle turning radian, from left to right is 1-4 axle turning radian. Pay attention to the adjustment to prevent the steering camber from being too large, resulting in the locked rotation of the steering gear burning.

D   Connect the 7p socket in the middle.


BB  Tail lamp transmitting and receiving board description

0  Power supply 5V

1-6  Marker lights, license plate lamp, left turn lamp, right turn lamp, brake lamp, reverse lamp


The light control is Bluetooth transmission. Pay attention to the signal interference. If the red lights of the transmitter and the receiver are flashing, it means that the signal is lost without matching. Each socket at the transmitting end is divided into positive and negative poles, which are connected to the light wire corresponding to the headlamp group.

 CC  The marker lights shall be installed by the buyer.


End, if you have any questions, please consult the seller, thank you.

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