Beier Modules - Advanced functions 3, throttle curves

Throttle curves can be used to change the  response of the esc (SFR1 or UFR1230) to better match your driving needs. The full range of driving modes is detailed in the relevant manual and has been addressed in other articles BUT I want to specifically address a "problem" that I have/had.

Beier Modules - advanced functions 2

Both the SFR1 and the UFR1230 have features that allow greater control over your speed.  For example, if you are a user of cruise control then you will find that it is not great for manouvering and/or in reverse. You may also find that the ESC takes off a little to rapidly and so on.

Getting started with Beier modules (5 the ESC)

Beier actually sell 3 (at the time of writing) ESC modules. The UFR1230, UFR1230D (both esc and lights) and the SFR1(sound, esc and lights). To set the esc up under the configuration tab select ESC

This is from the SFR1 but the UFR1230 tab is more or less the same except that some things are in different positions.


Beier modules advanced functions.

This articles deals with what you can do with the Beier modules over and above the basic functionality that we have dealt with so far.


The first stop is recording and viewing diagnostic information. The USM-RC-2 and the SFR1 are both capable of recording diagnostic information onto the SD card and their teacher applications can play that information back. The USM-RC-2, the SFR1 and the UFR1230 can also show diagnostic information via the data cable.

Getting started with Beier Modules (4 controlling the engine sound)

The last article showed how to load sounds to the module. The Additional sounds can be triggered by functions (selected by stick position on the TX) The engine sound control is a little different and has its own tab under the configuration tab. This tab uses the sounds that were defined under the top level tab engine sound.