Hi all, I hope this is not teaching my mother, and is useful to new guys. Its my opinion but it works for me!

1. For it to do everything you want then you probably need a 4 channel set. If you have an MFU then it is 4 channel minimum. It is well worth sitting down and figuring out what you want the truck to do and then looking for the number of channels that will let you do that. If you have switched channels then 3 way switches are best - but with most sets there are ways to make 2 ways work. This is an important decision that will affect, enable and/or limit you in future. Please feel free to ask anyone on here for advice.

Servos and trucks

Servos seems a little of an odd subject but for their size they, and there associated parts, do seem to cause an inordinate number of problems! So its time to examine some of those and but some of the problems to bed.

This article explains how to set up the Spektrum DX6i transmitter to work with the Tamiya MFU

OK so this may be a little long but persevere as it does work well.

You have always been able to use switches to trigger different mixes on the Spektrum transmitters and you have always been able to use the same one. Flight modes just give the additional effect of voice annunciation i.e. the transmitter will speak to you to tell you which flight mode you are in. You can change the audio but that's another story. I have DX18 Gen 2 and its has not been updated in a while so there may be some differences in what you see below.

So first we must set up flight modes - and you can use two switches giving several flightmodes - or on switch to give just two - I chose the latter for simplicity. 

To set up the flight modes do the following:

  • press the roller
  • scroll down to system set up and press the roller
  • scroll to F-Mode setup and click the roller.

 Now set the switch up (I used switch A as it is a two way switch and convenient but you will have to move the gears to another switch):

  • scroll to switch 1 and click the roller.
  • Scroll to the switch you want to use . Click the roller

The switch is now selected for flightmode 1 and 2. You will have a message at the bottom saying "Enabled Flight Modes: 2".

If you Scroll to next and click the roller and click the switch, the display at the bottom will change from "FLIGHT MODE 1" to "FLIGHT MODE 2".  If the switch operates the wrong way round then scroll to FLIG, click and select the correct flightmode then do it for the second FLIG.

NB. although we have only enabled 2 flightmodes they can still be called e.g. 1 and 4. To avoid confusion use 1 and 2.

Scroll to the top of the screen and click list to exit and (main Screen) to get out of suystem set up.

Now I want mixes of 50 and 100% for my BEIER system and you will want 66% and 100% for the MFU1 and for simplicity the MFU3.

To set up the mix:

  • click the roller and scroll to "Mixing" and click.
  • Scroll to the mix you want to set up and click the roller.
  • Scroll down once and click - now select the function you want as the source ( I say function as you can freely move the functions to different channels and assign different switches to them). I chose AX1 its a good place to start as it will not affect existing channels and so its good place to practice.)
  • click and scroll once across the >
  • click and select the target function, Using both the same source and target means that the mix will affect that channel.
  • Scroll to Rate and click on the first one scroll to -50 (-34 for MFU) click and scroll to the next rate and repeat.
  • Scroll down to "Switch" click and scroll to "Flight Mode" and click.
  • Scroll to the box with a 1 in it, if it is black leave it if not click scroll and click when its black.
  • Scroll to 2 and if it is not white click, scroll and click. All Done

Moving switch a will move a dot on the bottom of the 1 and 2 boxes to the flightmode that is active. Black means no mix and whit means the mix is active. In addition you will notice that your TX says "Flight Mode xxx". 

You can check the mix is working before leaving by activating the switch or pot that is on AX1 and then flipping switch A - you will see what is happening in the monitor screen on the left.

Scroll to back and click, Back and click and Main Screen to exit.

All done. Now repeat for the other channels.


This article explains how to set up a transmiter to wive A fifth channel 3 way movement for e.g. the Graupner SXM electronic switch.

A bit of background