This article explains how to Set up a Spektrum DX6 to work with an MFU, The principles can be used for other things as well e.g. Beier USM and UFR.

OK so this may be a little long. My Spektrum is Mode 2 so this is for that! You can reset the mode ( which sticks do what) but thats another story. Mode 2 is the one you want I think - anyway it works for me. At the end of the day it does not really matter as the first thing I did was fit the spring mod to get the left channel to centre!

First this is for the Spektrum DX6i or better. This is a 6 channel set the RX's are a tad expensive but luckily you can get cheap clones. here... there is also a twin packe ! . On Hobbyking they are advertising a micro 4ch RX but although it binds I cannot get it to work. So cheap RX done!

Next the MFCU uses trim on channels to access extra functions. The trim on the spektrum is digital and does not go far enough and that could be a real pain. BUT the DX6i spektrum also has dual rates on 3 channels - luckily these are the ones we need - or at least two of them are. This relies on the fact that the MFCU stores the TX settings when you run setup so will accept less than 100% as the full throw, then any extra is trim ;) Never mind it works is all!

The Spektrum has 10 model memories so you can store settings for each one and you will have to set each one you want. Sounds troublesome but in the setup menu there is a copy function that will copy your settings to a new model.

First you have to reverse the channels as Futaba are always backwards and Spectrum is Futaba like.
Next enter the set up menu and scroll to the DR/expo settings. Ensrue that all the rate switches are at 0 ( the second column of the display will show 0) then navigate to the third column (should sy 100% if you have not touched it) and scroll the setting to 66%. Now set all the rate switches to 1 ( the second display col will now be all 1's) and make sure the 3 channels are at 100%.
Exit set up and set all the rate switches to 0 (66%)

Now on the MFCU press and hold the button and enter set up mode. now go through the channel set up process. left vertical from top to bottom, left stick hor from right to left , right stick vert from top to bottom , right stick horizontal from right to left. This sets all the channels max throws in the MFCU.

Thats it. On the Spektrum the left stick is vertical throttle and horizontal rudder. To eg access rev mode move the rudder rate switch to 1 and then move the left stick horizontally all the way to the left. to change between lights and legs go to the right (sticks reversed!!). This works for the aileron and elevator channels which are the right stick vert and horizontal respectively. To start/stop the engine then set the rates on rudder and aileron to 1 full right on the left stick and full up on the right.

You can set up one switch to enable all the rates in the DR/combi setting scroll through the setting from inh (individual switches work) elev, ail or rudder.

Having done that you may like to play with exponential settings - these make the the settings around the neutral point more (+) or less(-) sensitive and you can set these from -100 to +100. The one that these would be really useful for in my view is the throttle BUT the steering (aileron) may be useful in desensitising the turning circle at high speed. MAybe not!!