Setting Up Spektrum Transmitter for Beier USM/UFR

N.B this does not apply to dx5 or DX6i

Iused a DX8 for this article and subsequently did the same on a DX18. This will explain how to program the transmitter in order to use it with the Beier Sound module and Speed controller but the principles will work for other products   I also ussed OrangeRX Receivers on which there is failsafe on the throttle channel only so please bear that in mind.

I use Mode 2 but that is probably mostly not a problem. Mode 2 is throttle and rudder on the left stick Aileron and elevator on the right stick. I am sure they do this just to confuse us ground based people so from here it is just a reference to which stick and NOT a function except for the throttle which is the throttle. This set up will easily give access to the 8 selections on each channel via the standard access mode. With this sort of TX we could have more positions accesible by using the flight mode switch but that is not covered here as it is not currently available on the USM-RC2

My Receiver is connected as:
throttle = ESC and USM-RC2 Ch 1,
Aileron = steering,
Rudder = USM-RC2 Channel 4 (because this was already set up for lights
Elevator = USM-RC2 Channel 2 ( most used when running selection (e.g. horn)
Aux 1 = USM-RC2 channel 3 (little used sounds)

The TX set up to give 60 and 100 % signals depending on the position of the mix switch. So with the mix switch in position 0 we have 100% output and with it at 1 we have 60 - this can of course be varied but you need to set up the USM-RC2 throws in the proportional channels (drag the blue handle to where you want it)

In the DR/Expo menu for the Rudder and Elevator channels set the switch to MX, move the MIX switch to pos 1 and then set the D/R settings to 60. (fro both channels.)

In the mixing menu select Mix 1 set the channel (top selection) to ax1 > ax1, set the rate to +66% ( may seem strange but this is to get the mix switch used the same way). Set the SW to Mix (no offset or trim - trim should be =INH).

In the servo set up place the cursor over where it says THROTTLE (or maybe another channel) select - scroll to AUX1 and select again. in the throw settings set to 60% . now with mix in pos 0 this will give 100% throw and in pos 1 it will give 60%.

Now these 3 channels will all give 100% with mix sw in pos 0 and 60% with it in pos 1.

You can use different switches if you wish but not the gear sw as this only has 2 positions.

You should be able to easily adapt this set up for other transmitters.