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Thanks to Paul Upton-Taylor for this info

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2110-07-23 Ian Phillips

MPBA National Fast Electric Championships. Carnaby Lake, Bridlington. All details and booking in system can be found at

Testing from midday only and after lake has been set up. No food available

2110-07-24 Ian Phillips

MPBA National Fast Electric Championships. Carnaby Lake, Bridlington. All details and booking in system can be found at

2111-07-23 Ian Phillips

MPBA National Fast Electric Championships.

Carnaby Lake, Bridlington. All details and booking in system can be found at

2111-07-24 Ian Phillips

MPBA National Fast Electric Championships.

Carnaby Lake, Bridlington. All details and booking in system can be found at

Fast Electric News

20 December 2012

We would like to wish all our customers and readers a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year and sincerely hope that the New Year is better than the old one.

15th October 2012

Loads of new goodies today. 2, 2.3, 3.5, 4mm stumpy connectors. 3.5to4 and 4 to 6mm adapter plugs/sockets, soldering jig, light bars, Led's and more - check the shop.


My goodness its September already! Well just take a look at this vid of 2012 UK FE Champs the worst bits . This should cheer you up!

22 Aug 2012

well a few deliveries lately so most ETTI stuff now back in stock. Tenshock CNC props arrived today (whoo hoo) together with short course motors and ez 1530, 1540 and 2240 motors for boats.

4th August 2012.

August 4th! British Cycling and rowing teams are going great guns. just waiting for Jessica Ennis. It has been 2 months trouble free on our new host and some impressive stats from their analysis engine. 377000 pages served in june from 44000 visits. 334000pages in july from 41000 visits. All good so far. More new products this month so go take a peak. Some of you may get a redirect warnig but this is because the whole site is now secure (https) and also fully PCI certified by security metrics. Please update your bookmarks!he.

19th April 2012

Our old hosting package is getting a bit dated and has been bought out by another supplier. The supplier does not intend to keep maintaining the old hosts. At the same time we wanted to offer increased security features that people now expect and could not do that on the old package. SO we have got a new hosting package. That is wher the complications start.... In order to access both hosts at the same time we needed different URL's to point at them. In order to do that we broke the link to the old hosting with - and pointed that at the new hosting. once that was done we have backed up and restored all the program data, backed up and restored the databases, tested then repeated. Once satisfied we locked out the parts on, backed up and restored the databases to and made that live. We are sorry if that leds to confusion! If you try and access now you should get transferred to the .com site. If not please let us know. We are sure all the data is fine and we still have access to the old data so we can check. Incidentally that means that the main site, the gallery and the store have all moved - please update your bookmarks. Our email addresses will change also to! Please update any stored email addresses that you have. They won't get lost right now - but once we turn off the old hosting and point to the new host they will. If you do find a problem - please let us know. Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. Allan

15th January 2012

Well we are now in to 2012 and it is time to start thinking about this years model boating events. The diary dates page has been updated so please go along there and submit your FE races, Shows, etc. They will not appear immediately as I have to check them first but please check in after a couple of days to make sure it is all OK.

Anyone with some more pictures please submit them for the Gallery page.


A lot of you have commented on the forum going missing. This is due to a massive spam attack on many of the myfreeforum boards which led to the extraordinary measure of them suspending all their fora. Hopefully the forum will be back very shortly.
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That time of year

Well its that time of year and SWAMBC have had their annual rules meeting. In the meeting they have voted to come into line with Naviga/national classes in some classes as well as retaining old favourites. F4 will no longer run oat all meetings but will now be M2/H2 over 6 minutes on the 3 large lakes.

Mini mono and Moni hydro have also been introduced and will replace F4 on the small lakes. Full details can be found here SWAMBC Rules 2012
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Lipo's and Motors

We will start with Lipo's. This year at the UK Nats the cell voltage was measured before and after a race to ensure that they were not above limits before a race or under after. Some racers were using a hot box to pre-heat cells to 40C. New lighter (higher capacity) cells are on the block but they are nowhere near as robust as the old ones - abuse these and they will be destroyed!. This all made me think about where we are going! Current International racing rules encourage you to choose ligh high capacity cells and run the risk of destroying them. You might say that voltage checks would discourage this but Lipo's will recover to minimum voltage given long enough so parking the boat in the reeds as far from rescue as possible may be the response. Is that fair? Something needs to be done!

My local racing uses a formula (FM4) with any hull choice and no cell weight limit but with 4s 5000mah max cells capacity so extra weight is rewarded by more punch but a weight penalty - except there is also a minimum weight of 2kg for the boat AND we race for 7 minutes. It is still fast. This does not exactly help with National racing but does help limit costs for club racing!. There are noises once more about introducing a watt limiter, a pre-set bit of kit that will only allow the use of just so much power, is that the way to go? We will see.

On to motors, and you will have noticed the explosion of choice but China has introduced quotas on the Neodymimium used to make the magnets. This was designed to save precious non replaceable resources and I guess it will do that but it has had other effects, Leopard have suspended production of the 2445 series motors (winner of UK Nats mini mono)and the costs of other ranges will rise. It is not just leopard as I have seen the price rise warnings on other motor manufacturer sites - so brace yourselves. We will know more when the new pricing is available.

.... thats it for now but if you have any comments or subject you want a word on then do let us know!
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It's those Cells again

Well I guess as predicted in my last note cell capacity has gone up and cells of 40C and 5-10C charge rates are now commonly being offered to car racers and these are cased.All sounds very good! I have some 30C 6000mah but they are just outside the legal limit for FE racing. I think we will see 7000mah next year but remeber NIMH cells?

When NiMh cells were introduced they were very solid and a real long term challenge to NiCd cells just a couple of years later we had huge capacity increases but then there was a sudden drop of in quality with cells only lasting a few charges. In fact I had one set that never made it to a race as the capacity dropped off just through 3 cycles on the charger - best not go there.

With Lipo cells we have been challenged constantly with poor quality cells and with over egged claims for C ratings. If you take apart a cell you can clearly see the differenc between high C low C cells in that the Aluminium connector strip on low quality over egged cells is thin and obviously not up to the same standards as the high qulity ones.

Three years ago I stocked Vislero cells - many of the ones that have been looked after are still around today but they are "old technology" and heavy for the capacity. Having said that they have provided 2-3 years of competition and testing. Now I am not known for looking after my cells but I will have to start as I have lost some cells this year that have not done too many cycles. As I said I have probably not stored them correctly and I also charged them at 2C regularly - and they have not liked it much.

Having said all that the latest trend is a bit worrying as there are now reports that cells are dropping off after a very few cycles. Deja Vu? where will it all end? Maybe we are better using more cells and lower current, longer race times and/or using motors that are not so thirsty. I think we have been round this loop before!! We will see.
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New technologies?

It has been a while since we wrote anything about what is happening out there.

Lets start with Lipo's. Lipo cells have come a long way over the last few years with discharge rates moving rapidly from 20C and now up to 80C constant, whilst the weight has overall dropped. It is still a fair assumption that light cells will not be as robust and will have a higher internal resistance - but that is not the case across the board. Suffice it to say that in our opinion you mostly get what you pay for.

LIFE cells are becoming more popular and available in a wider range but there is nothing startlingly new for FE racers.

Motors! In general motors seem to be improving, there is a huge choice and that leads to competition. You pay your moneyy and take your chance! Yet again we think on the whole you get what you pay for. Feigao have changed their motor build and they now obviously have some sort of magnetic core in the coils. The larger Feigao's that we have seen in pieces have the noticeable change that the Magnets are now wrapped in a Kevlar bandage. The Etti 4 pole motors have seen a range increase and most noticeably the introduction of 36mm dia motors that have more torque than their little brothers. There are "new" variants popping up also A new 4 pole motor manufacturere is starting production and there are variants on the outrunner with a solid case available. Which is best? Who knows but as we said above - in general you get waht you pay for.

So new cells capacity is the biggest thing with 5800 and 6000mah cells being available within Naviga legal weight bounds. This means more load on motors, more stress on ESC's and higher speeds. All these lead to equipment failure. My Demon Hydro runs regular peaks of 100 amps ( that is recorede and visible on playback - instantaneous could be significantly higher) on 2S so is it time to turn to 3S within the same weight? Same motor speed - lower turn motor, lower current but Higher voltage so actually lower stress on everything. we think so BUT finding 20C cells in 3S with the right weight is getting more difficult. Maybe we need a rule change - 8 minute races, higher cell weigh ( say 350 grams) or something similar. We would love to hear you thougts.

If you have any comments on this piece please feel feree to share your thoughts - nip over to the board and do it while you are still thinking about it!

Happy boating
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Lipo Technology

Well we thought Lipo technology would give us a solid stable base to work from. That now looks to be incorrect with 25C being available last year and then 30, 33C and the latest email is offering 40/70C (40 C constant and 70C burst). They are heavier but as they become available and the usage of lower ratings drop of we will be forced to look again at the racing rules. It would be simple if it was just C ratings but capacity is increasing, different compounds are in use so weight per "C" is also reducing.

Quite apart from the 40C we have also been offered 6000AH but as you would expect these are outside the current weight limits.

One of our Customers has been testing some new 5200 Nom cells for us and these come out at 5100 within the set existing parameters. but some cells are also showing a lower low end voltage. These are good cells and there is a 5300 version - the 25c are lighter than Visleros but the visleros seem to provide nearly 10% more than the spec..

So whilst we'd love to be able to give a definitive suggestion it seems that some difficult negotiation will be there somehwere in the future. We'd enjoy seeing your thoughts and feedback!
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2009 Naviga Cell rules

It looks very much like Naviga have now agreed cell rules for 2009 and they are much as discussed previously - i.e. 7 cell nimh/ 2slipo/ 3s2p life or 14cell nimh!!/4s lipo/6s2p life - max weight 280 gms (2s) etc and the lipos can be 2p. Full details can be found on the Forum. Coincidentally Flightpower have announced Marine power cells and several manufactureres are offering reduced weight cells. Danlions have re-badged their Vislero cells but the weights, capacities and sizes remain the same.
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