The Beier UFR-1230d ESC at a glance:
Speed controller for two brushed DC motors Designed especially for tracked vehicles and ships with two drive motors
Supply voltage: 6 - 18 V
Maximum motor current: 2 x 30 A
Powerful BEC with 5,6 V, 3 A
8 switching-outputs for lights
2 ports for connecting a sound module
Optional: load regulation, mass inertia, parking brake function
Additional options adjustable with the software "Drive-Teacher"

The double speed controller has been designed especially for RC tracked vehicles and ships with two brushed DC motors. Both drive motors can be controlled completely separately or with the internal dual mixer function.

The realistic and sensitive performance guarantees a lot of driving fun.

With various setting options the speed controller can be easily adjusted to all model requirements and driving behaviours. All settings can be set with DIP switches and the software "Drive-Teacher".

The speed controller is equipped with 8 switching outputs to connect LEDs and other lights.

All light and additional functions can be controlled with nautic and multiswitch modules.

The speed controller UFR-1230-D has following characteristics:
Supply voltage 6 - 18 V
Maximum motor current 2 x 30 A (short-term 60 A)
PWM pulse frequency 20 or 40 kHz
8 switching outputs for lights (for instance for braking, driving backwards, flashing)
Powerful BEC with 5,6 V and 3 A continous current (short circuit proof)
3 proportional channels (throttle, throttle 2 or steering, and control channel)
2 Proportionalausgänge (output for sound module and steering servo)
Additional functions controllable with nautic and multiswitch modules
Failsafe in case of receiver signal disturbances (motor stop)
Protection when switching on supply voltage
Battery voltage monitoring
Temperature monitoring
Short circuit protection at motor output stage

Options adjustable with DIP switches:
Load regulation on / off
Parking brake on / off
Choice of battery type: LiPo / other
Teaching function (setup)

Additional functions are adjustable with the software "Drive-Teacher" and the data cable K-USB-2 (optional available):
Firmware update
Invertion of channels
Deactivation of low voltage monitoring
Reduction of driving backwards speed by 50 %
Selection of PWM pulse frequency between 20 or 40 kHz (for bell-armature motors)
Adjustment of load regulation
Activation / adjustment of inertia
Adjustment of parking brake sensitivity
Adjustment of two throttle curves
Configuration of switching outputs (output types, brightness, etc.)
Configuration of light switch (controllable with prop. channel X3)
Configuration of control channel X3
Configuration of nautic / multiswitch modules

The speed controller is delivered ready for operation with a standard configuration (see screenshots in operating manual). The data cable is only required in case standard settings need to be changed.
The drive teacher application can be downloaded here
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