DMW 998-1DJ Electric legs


Product may vary slightly from image representation.
Metal electric trailer legs, will require chassis drilling.
Controller plugs into receiver.

Beautifully produced but I think a little too slow.</br></br> Takes 45 seconds to extend / retract on the bench with no load.</br> (I am used to the Tamiya legs that take circa 5 seconds however!)</br> Using approx. 5.5v from a BEC the current drawn is a steady 70-80mA (higher at start up).</br></br> The controller seems to be a tiny ESC - I didn't realise it at first since the motors are very quiet at slow speed and the give in their mounting means no leg movement is seen.</br> When retracted the motors stop. </br> When extended, the motors keep running - it appears the drives go off the end and are spring loaded to re-engage to retract. </br></br> Haven't looked inside but this appears a really nice product but as I say - a bit slow. I guess more power would be need if it was to go faster which could be a problem running from receiver power. Would a "faster" gearbox have enough strength?</br></br> Planning to use them on the Carson Low-loader where hopefully the 24mm extension will be enough. The Tamiya legs have about a 35mm extension so these will not mount directly on an ordinary trailer.</br> --------</br> Nope - couldn't resist it.</br> The retraction is stopped by a tiny microswitch with what is presumably a diode across it. Also, with a bit more handling I realized one motor was labouring - the bottom of the leg was tight so an inch of double thickness paper has been used to make a gasket each side for now to stop it pinching.</br> --------</br> A couple of questions:</br> 1. What is that max voltage the system can handle.</br> 2. What is that max voltage the motors can handle (if one was to use a different ESC perhaps).</br> 3. Any chance of a "faster" gearbox being used? (200 rpm instead of 60? - just guessing)</br>

Rated by Eddie
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