The BEIER USM-RC-2 is probably the most flexible and configurable sound and light unit that there is and is used worldwide for ships, trucks, tanks, farm vehicles, construction vehicles and more. The unit has 2 onboard 20 watt amplifiers but you do need to supply the speakers.

It is impossible in this small space to show how good and how flexible this little unit is.....
The sound module USM-RC-2 is the successor of the proven USM-RC module and has been specially developed for RC models to give faithful, speed-dependent engine sounds). Additional starting, idling, acceleration, running, brake and reversing sounds can also be played back. The unit will also provide perfect background in addition to the driving sound, with up to 30 additional sounds and a further 8 randomly triggered sounds.

The speed of the model is taken from either 1 or 2 motors (Analog and Mixed mode), OR from the velocity information proportional channels 1 and 2 of the receiver (digital mode). This provides sound outputs for either 1 or 2 engines in up to 255 steps.

It also has a player facility and can play a further 30 full tracks in WAV format

The unit is connected to the Receiver by up to 4 servo patch cables which allow access to it functions but they can also be accessed from a single channel (not recommended) or by use of Nautic mode with Robbe or Graupner Nautic switch modules in their transmitters.

The USM-RC-2 can support up to 4 parallel sounds play. I.e. in addition to the engine sound you may play another 3 sounds at the same time without loss.

The sounds are in a sound quality of 44.1 kHz and 16 bit output and stored on a Micro-SD card. Software is supplied to allow sound manipulation in addition to the sound samples supplied.

Sound Teacher software is supplied to enable configuration of the unit and to store the sounds and profile on the SD card. The software is for Windows only but a windows emulator that can write SD cards or run an optional USB port could be used. The unit runs on firmware which can be updated via the supplied software automatically loading it to the microsd card.

Up to 12 switching outputs (LEDs, lamps, relays etc) can be connected with which different lighting effects (lights, rear lights, brake lights, turn signals, hazard lights, machine gun fire, can be simulated with flickering, etc. Two programmed can be programmed to use any or all of the available outputs so you can simulate running lights, flashing lights, anti-collision Strobe etc, these can be linked to sounds also.

Additionally, the sound module offers 1 or 2 servo outputs with which different movements can be implemented on the module, combined with the right sounds. (So you could programmme a number of servo positions).

Supply voltage (U b ): 5 - 14V DC
Current consumption: Quiescent Current: 90mA approx mode (only sound): max. 3.0 A
Operating (Sound + outputs): max. 6.0 A

The current consumption depends on volume and switched load.

Switching inputs: 5 off, LO signal = U <2V, HI signal = U> 5V Integrated pull-up resistors (4k7 / 10k)
Switching outputs:
12 pieces (npn - open collector), max. 1.5 A per output, the total current of all outputs must not exceed 3.0 A.
Proportional Inputs: 4 off (from 1.000 to 2.000 ms)
Proportional outputs: 2 servo outputs (from 1.000 to 2.000 ms)
Voltage inputs for speed steps in analog mode:0 - 14V DC
LF amplifier:Max 2x20W (mono)
Supported speakers:4 - 8 Ohm
Volume controls: By external potentiometer (100k ohms) and / or remote control possible
Memory on the sound data:Micro-SD card (1-8 GB)
Maximum length of Sounds: approximately 180 minutes per 1 GB
Supported sound files: WAV format, 8/16 bit, mono / stereo, 22/44kHz Sound output: 16-bit, Mono, 44kHz

Number of possible sounds:
5 gears/ transitions (internal accelerated in up to 255 levels)
8 Transitional sounds between speed steps, or switching sounds between gears. 30 additional sounds (eg Prop. channels)
30 titles for WAV player
8 random sounds; random times between 1 and 250 seconds adjustable

Interface: Universal expansion interface (for example, the light module SM IR-16-2 or K-USB data cable 2)

Permissible ambient temperature: 0 - 60 ° C
Permissible relative humidity: Max 85%

Dimensions:66 x 44 x 17 mm

You may also optionally need a volume control pot and cable and extra servo plug to plug leads.

In addition to the USM-RC-2 you will need to purchase:
- a loudspeaker ( cables are supplied and the USM can drive two speakers)
- Leds and resistors to suit your personal build

Optionally you may wish to purchase:
- AKL-10 press fit connector for switched outputs
- AKL-10-W AKL 10 as above but with resistors, a selection of resistors is supplied. - AKL-10-K a constant current source AKL10 providing 20 ma limited outputs. - Tamiya inline battery connector - extra M-M servo patch leads ( two in kit) - USM-RC-IR infra red module for trailers etc (road train repeater is available as well) - USM-RC-EXM expansion module to provide inputs from another 8 channels
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