Astec edge light - Amber


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AsTec edge light led highlight light board

The Astec Edge light was designed as a lightbar that will fit the wind deflectors of most trucks. The designed length is 130mm and provides 5 groups of 4 0603 edge lit leds. The unit has power tabs at both ends so that the wires can be easily hidden. The unit can be cut to remove 1 or two led sets from the end away from the circuitry and by 1 set at the circuitry end this gives optional lengths of 75, 105 or 130mm.

The unit has a non Chinese voltage regulator for reliability and will operate at full brightness from 5.5 to 12 volts, reduced brightness below 5.5 volts

The unit comes as a handed pair with 6 double sided sticky pads. We suggest painting the rear side and using the pads on the circuit side to mount them.

Although these were primarily designed for wind deflector use their nature and flexibility means that other uses will spring to mind!

working voltage: 5.5 to 12 volts at full brightness operating current: 18-20 ma per board Length: 130 mm but can be cut at 105 and 75mm with care

As usual great service. I have received the amber & red set of edge lights which look fantastic. I'm linking the amber lights to the turning signals and the red lights are linked to the brake lights and running lights.

Rated by Harry Balderson
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