knt lighting system - truck version

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A 2.4 ghz radio compatible lighting set for RD cars, Trucks, Crawlers, Drift cars etc.

The set comes with a controller, two "Y" leads and 6 sets of LED lights. The LED's consist of 2prs 5mm White, 1 pr 3mm white, 2 prs 3mm amber 1 pr 5mm red.

The set has 8 outputs.
The set has 3 plug selectable options to determine actions.
Plug A reverse the throttle channel activity
Plug B reverses the Steering
Plug C selects the activity on Channel 8

In use the two "Y" leads connect the unit to the Receiver and their associated outputs (throttle and steering).

Output 1 is at half bright at all times except moving forwards when it is full brightness
Output 2 is fully bright when going Forwards
Outputs 3 and 4 flash in turns
Output 5 mimics output 1
Output 6 is on when running in reverse
Output 7 mimics a beacon two quick flashes with a short space and repeat.
Output 8 with the link out is on when braking, with the link in it is on half bright except when going from fwd to reverse (braking).

Extra lights are available please see our other listings.

The kit comes with double sided tape to mount the unit, self adhesive cable clips, and tie wraps to keep it all tidy.

Supplied in a presentation box so this would make an excellent present!

For 5/6 volt use, takes its power direct from the Receiver.

Installation is simple: 1. Confirm the size and installation position of LED lights, then marked.
2.Drill some LED holes on the car body.
3. Insert all the cables to the corresponding sockets of the LED System Control Board.
4. Connect the Y-cable (CH1) long end with the LED System Control Board (CH1), two short ends with the steering servo and receiver“channel 1”.
5. Connect the Y cable (CH2) long end to the LED System Control Board (CH2),two short ends to the throttle servo( or ESC)and received “channel 2”.
6. Stick the LED System Control Board on a suitable position of the car body.
7. Fix the LED lights into the holes and make sure it is installed firmly.
8. Fix all the over long cables with the accessories.

This system is perfect for me,as following Illness I have a problem with my Left Hand,meaning that all controls are operated using my Right,this is quite literally a Plug-N-Play system which turns on the lights from the word Go but I'm O.K. with that,the unit itself is about the size of a 'book of matches' so can easily be hidden out of sight,the main High beam lights come on at between 1/3 and 1/2 throttle,I have mine as Fog-lights with yellow lenses that look O.K. I use these units on all of my Trucks and GTe car,there is also a Trailer version available where two units are linked together using a special wiring harness designed by AsTec that can be easily disconnected so that Your Truck can be run without it's Trailer,all of these units are excellent value for their low cost and because they are so simple,they are very reliable,with a Double Click Speed Control you hold the brake lights on all day if you wanted to,when you go back to neutral the brake lights go back to 1/2 bright rear lights,pull the stick down again the White reversing lights come on and your Truck goes backwards,back to neutral and they go out again leaving the 1/2 bright rear lights on plus the Indicators when you turn, UTTERLY BRILLIANT !! for such little cost,11/10.

Rated by Vaughan Miller
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