Beier LM-BT-16-4


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The Bluetooth light module LM-BT-16-4 is an expansion for the modules:
Sound speed controller SFR-1 Sound module USM-RC-2 The light module can be used to control lights, servos and motors on a semitrailer or trailer. The signals are transmitted wirelessly via Infrared.

Light control
The LM-BT-16-4 has 16 switching outputs for connecting lights (e.g. lamps and LEDs). The light signals are passed on 1:1 from the main module to the light module. For the switching outputs 13 - 16 special functions such as a 1- and 4-channel all-round light, a 4-channel running light and different flashing effects can be selected.

Motor control
The motor output can be used for direct control of e.g. trailer supports, ramps or tipping movements. A switch for controlling the motor output manually can be connected to the module.

Servo control
There are 4 servo outputs on the light module, which can be used to control various movements. Applications for this are e.g. trailer supports, the locking and unlocking of a fifth wheel support, steerable axles or tilting movements. In order to control further motors, speed controllers can also be connected to the servo outputs.

Road train
With an IR transmitter LM-BT-S an additional light module can be connected. All Bluetotth signals are transmitted 1:1 to the next light module.

Using the function at the main module („LM: Activate road train ID X“), the servo and motor outputs can be controlled separately at each light module. This is how road trains with several trailers can be easily built. The trailers can be controlled together or separetely.

Additional settings with LM-Teacher
When delivered, the light module is ready for operation. With the software LM-Teacher, settings can be adjusted and additional options selected. For using the software, the light module is connected to a Windows PC with the data cable K-USB-2.

The LM teacher application can be downloaded form here LMteacher download 4mb The manual is available here Lightmodule LM-BT-16-4
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Manufacturer Info
4 x Beier - SFR1 Sound/Light/ESC4 x DMW - Scania Logo in Chrome3 x DMW - Scania ladies decal in Chrome2 x DMW - Streamline Logo in Chrome3 x DMW - Elephant logo in Chrome3 x Beier volume control Small5 x DMW - Stiholt Logo in Chrome4 x DMW - R430 R620 R730 Chrome Griffin5 x Absima 80t motor4 x Beier AKL-8-W5 x Beier - USB stick for SFR1 with all DVD data4 x DMW 9001-2.5 Nut Driver2 x DMW 040B - Scania 6x4 front Chassis deck plate6 x DMW - V8 Logo1 x DMW 074-2-1 - Scania Window decals Window decor2 x DMW King Tail Lights 1 Piece3 x DMW - Super Logo2 x Beier AKL-84 x FZ RC Multi Function Beacon Bar4 x DMW - Cab Side Logo1 x HH up0060 Prop shaft 152-167mm2 x DMW Bluetooth trailer lighting system V32 x DMW 155-B-DG Mercedes Seat Cover Detail2 x DMW - Plain rear deck2 x DMW 133 - RC round flat rotary beacon AMBER3 x DMW 9001-2 Nut Driver5 x FZ Aluminium screw tray1 x Absima 55t motor1 x Beier volume control1 x DMW 110- Scania front flaps1 x DMW 110- MAN - single rear mudflaps2 x DMW 087x- Actros mudflap3 x DMW 087x- KOTR mudflap1 x DMW 087x- Scania mudflap2 x DMW - Scania ladies decal in Chrome4 x DMW 015-kzq wig/wag flasher unit2 x DMW 038 - Scania chassis side lights1 x Beier IR transmitter diode3 x MFU plug and 5mm RED led's x 23 x AsTec LED BLUE 2x 5mm 60cm1 x DMW 110- Volvo - single rear mudflaps1 x FZ RC Rotary Beacon - RED 9*15mm1 x DMW 130 - Volvo top spot bar - Oblong2 x FZ RC flashing beacon bar OVAL - AMBER1 x Tamiya 56506 Animal Guard1 x FZ miniature 2 way plug pr1 x HH Female Driver - SP0011B1 x DMW 085-5 Spotlight bar with red angel eyes1 x DMW 999 Low Loader trailer - BLUE - Special Order1 x Connector Gold 4mm - Stumpy1 x DMW 4 Axis Carrier - Blue2 x DMW King Hauler Rear Deck Plate1 x Tamiya 57405 Dancing Rider1 x XT30 power plug1 x DMW 999 Low Loader trailer - RED - Special Order2 x Connector Gold 2mm Long1 x DMW Rear Light Plate - Scania1 x DMW 085-6 narrow sunvisor spot bar1 x Tamiya 58661 Buggyra fat fox race truck (1/14 scale)2 x DMW Rear Light Plate - Man1 x Carson C907235 Fliegl Curtain Sided Trailer1 x MHPC Full Alloy Jeep Wrangler Crawler FH300031 x 2.3mm Gold Connector - long3 x DMW Rear Light Plate - Actros3 x 4 way spotlight bar - black1 x FH-140419 Full CNC Aluminum Construction Tractor Truck Semi-Trai3 x Hydraulic Kabolite 10 Channel Alloy Excavator1 x Beier Replacement flat cable for USM/UFR1 x HH007 20 ft CNC Tank container3 x DMW 145-56301-S King Hauler Stainless Screen, Silver2 x DMW 145-56301-S King Hauler Stainless Screen, Black1 x Carson Fork Lift Linde H RTR 2.6Ghz1 x DMW 998-1DJ Electric legs1 x Carson C907184 Round spotlight smd set1 x Connector Gold 4mm1 x DMW 085-8 - sunvisor spotlight bar1 x Tamiya 56852 - F104 PRO w/Body1 x DMW 085-5 Spotlight bar with blue angel eyes1 x DMW 085-7 - sunvisor spotlight bar1 x FZ Deans 2 way splitter short 1 batt 2 outputs1 x Connector Gold 2mm1 x DMW 085 - Scania sun visor spot bar2 x HH140407A 20 ft container kit1 x DMW 085-3b - sunvisor spotlight bar1 x HH 40ft Container trailer kit1 x HH 40ft Container & trailer kit1 x Alloy 10 Channel Wheeled Loader3 x Beier - USM-RC-3 Sound module1 x DMW 085-3a - sunvisor spotlight bar2 x Speaker FRS 7S 66.5mm full range2 x DMW 110- MERCEDES- single rear mudflaps2 x DMW 087x- Stiholt mudflap1 x DMW 087x- MAN mudflap1 x Speaker FRS 5-8 50mm full range3 x DMW 087x- Volvo mudflap2 x DMW 087x- MERC mudflap1 x DMW 064-XM - LED MAN Cab Logo3 x DMW Octagonal Beacon Bar ORANGE1 x DMW 087x- Schmitz mudflap3 x DMW 110- SCANIA VABIS- single rear mudflaps1 x DMW 020x - Scania rear bumper2 x DMW 020x jd - Scania rear bumper2 x DMW - Chassis rails 80cm x 2 BLACK2 x DMW 074-v-Volvo decal in chrome1 x Beier Battery Adaptor XT60 to Deans1 x KNT UBEC 6 amp2 x HH WL009 Wide Front wheel set3 x DMW 132-66 Beacon Bar ORANGE1 x Trailer light cable for light system2 x DMW 077-3 Scania V8 & Griffins LED logo1 x DMW 074-4h- Scania V8 logo in chrome1 x Tamiya 56307 Mercedes 1850L3 x DMW 118 Fifth wheel cover Scania - v81 x DMW 074-v-volvo logo+lady decal in chrome2 x MFU light "Y "splitter1 x DMW 073 - servo carrier for wire actuator1 x SP Fifth Wheel Handle V11 x SP Scania side windows chrome decoration V11 x DMW 074-1-3 - Chrome V8 decal set2 x DMW 147-2B Volvo Sun Visor with LEDs1 x Beier KB-IR-T Kingpin for infrared module3 x FZ RC Rotary Beacon - AMBER 9*15mm1 x DMW 015-730jd - Scania Grill with LEDs Silver1 x DMW 074-v-mudguard decal in chrome1 x FZ Lipo Safe2 x DMW 154-Scania - Stainless Logo Sticker1 x DMW 040D - Scania 4x2 front Chassis deck plate2 x Astec edge light - Red1 x Radiolink R6DS 2.4GHz 12-Channel Receiver1 x Hobbywing Quicrun 1060 Brushed waterproof ESC2 x DMW - Merc Actros Chrome decals1 x DMW 020-3 Bumper1 x HH WL007 Wide rear wheel set1 x DMW 118 Fifth wheel cover Scania - viking2 x MFU plug and tails 60cm1 x Carson 907156 Cab latch3 x MFU plug and 5mm AMBER (ORANGE) led1 x Servo push rod - captive olives, 120mm1 x Tamiya 56502 Trailer Lighting set1 x DMW 074-4E Scania ladies decal in chrome1 x DMW 074-C2 - Scania Silver Griffin Decals1 x Speaker FRS 5-8 50mm full range2 x Beier LM-IR-16-4 Infrared Light Module for semitrailer and trail3 x HH Single front wide wheel set1 x DMW 103-bz - working wiper set for Tamiya Mercedes1 x DMW 118 Fifth wheel cover Scania Vabis1 x MFU plug and 5mm white led's x 21 x Carson Horns2 x DMW 074-1-5 - Mercedes Actros Grill decal set in chrome1 x FZ RC flashing beacon bar OVAL - BLUE3 x Astec edge light - Amber2 x Wired Led 5MM WHITE with resistor 7.2v3 x DMW - Actros rear deck1 x MFU plug and 3mm RED led's x 21 x FZ RC Rotary Beacon - AMBER 13x18mm2 x Tamiya motorised trailer support legs1 x DMW 132-O Orange Engineering Beacon Bar1 x FZ RC Rotary Beacon - AMBER 13x18mm Domed1 x Tamiya 51000 - Hi-Torque Servo Saver2 x Gen 40 ESC1 x Carson Trailer Lights for Tamiya MFU1 x HH Male Driver - SP0011A2 x Carson C907091 front axle set for Tamiya Truck1 x MFU plug and 3mm white led's x 21 x HH WL011 Wide Front wheel set1 x DMW 132-R/B Red & Blue Engineering Beacon Bar2 x Beier - USB stick for USM-RC-3 with all DVD data1 x DMW 051-A - chequer tread plate1 x Radiolink R6DS 2.4GHz 10-Channel Receiver3 x MFU plug and 3mm AMBER (ORANGE) led1 x DMW - AROCS chrome decal set1 x HH WL008 Wide rear wheel set1 x DMW 082 - Wheel chock set2 x Beier AKL-10-W2 x DMW - MAN rear deck1 x DMW 017 Scania air deflector decor set1 x DMW 012 Scania - stainless laser cut steps covers1 x FZ flat Beacon Bar AMBER1 x DMW 068-2 8 chamber tail light set1 x DMW 044b, Centre walk plate1 x DMW - Scania R front step lights1 x DMW 027-1 Side decks for Volvo timber truck1 x Professional Bluetooth 4-Channel RC Truck Light System2 x Beier AKL-10-K1 x DMW 147-1 Volvo Sun Visor1 x DMW 074-7-2 Small Scania griffin decal in chrome2 x Micro SD Card 16gb2 x DMW 040A- MAN 6x4 front Chassis deck plate1 x DMW 156-SKP HH Scania Cab Detail2 x HH UP0093B Scania roof spot bar 6x round1 x DMW 019b - MAN gearbox cover1 x Wired Led 3MM ORANGE with resistor 7.2v1 x DMW 147-1D Volvo Sun Visor with LEDs3 x DMW 033B - Scania rear lamp cover1 x DMW 133 - RC round flat rotary beacon GREEN1 x DMW 143 - Headlight Lens Grill1 x DMW 068-1 3 Tail light set1 x Futaba T6L Sport 2.4GHz T-FHSS & R3106GF Receiver1 x DMW 074-2-11 Actros chrome decal set1 x DMW 081- Arocs2 - stone guard3 x HH WL003 Double rear wheel set1 x DMW 134-rear light bar AMBER1 x Container Truck Light and Sound Vibration System (Basic)2 x DMW 019a - Mercedes Actros gearbox cover1 x Beier LM-BT-S Bluetooth transmitter module3 x GT Power Electronic Switch1 x FZ RC Rotary Beacon - AMBER 10x15mm Domed1 x DMW 015B- Scania Grill, Silver1 x DMW 145 Hauler style headache rack2 x DMW 154-Mercedes - Stainless Logo Sticker1 x DMW 147-3 Volvo Sun Visor1 x Tamiya 56357 - Arocs Tipper truck1 x DMW 081- Arocs1 - stone guard1 x AsTec LED RED x 2 5mm 60cm1 x Beier RC-SM-4 4 way switch module1 x DMW 081- Actros 1 - stone guard1 x Wired Led 5MM ORANGE with resistor 7.2v1 x DMW 074-4g Scania Vabis decal in chrome1 x DMW 015XB- Scania Grill V8 piston logo R730 Black2 x DMW 105c - Mercedes wind deflector heavy smoked1 x DMW 074-10-1 Volvo door pillar decal in chrome2 x DMW 132 Changable Colour Beacon Bar1 x HH140407B 20 ft container trailer kit1 x Beier MFR-1210 ESC3 x DMW 015-730jd - Scania Grill with LEDs BLACK2 x DMW 095-dnb inter arch cover plain1 x DMW 073-H Trailer hitch1 x DMW 087 MX - Universal rear bumper1 x DMW 087 - Universal rear bumper2 x DMW 153 - STGO License Plates2 x FH31022 MHPC Chain and D ring set 1/10th1 x Beier SFR1 standby switch1 x DMW 100-BBT lolipops - Amber1 x Beier LM-BT-16-41 x DMW 130 - spot only - Oblong1 x DMW 074-1-2 - Scania Chrome decal set1 x Beier Data Cable1 x DMW 074-2-8 - Scania Chrome Vabis decal1 x DMW 058 Transfer box1 x DMW - Scania rear deck2 x Beier AKL-102 x HH WL001 Double rear wheel set2 x HH SP0003 Plastic Crome wide front wheel2 x Hobbywing quickrun 16252 x HH SP0005 Plastic Crome wide rear wheel2 x HH SP0007 narrow truck offroad tyre2 x HH SP0008 truck offroad tyre2 x HH Wide Front wheel set - Black2 x DMW 099-1 Cab rear light cluster2 x DMW 076-A Scania low bar2 x DMW 078-135 - Scania/MAN 6x4 side skirt light bars2 x DMW 078-170 - Scania/MAN 4x2 side skirt light bars2 x DMW 076-3 Scania Lowbar2 x DMW 144-108 Volvo Rear Light Bar1 x Beier LM-SW switch for motor control1 x DMW 074-2-6 - Scania R470 decal1 x DMW 020-4 Bumper1 x DMW 068-3a bzm 6 chamber tail lights1 x DMW 132-66 Beacon Bar RED1 x DMW 132-66 Beacon Bar BLUE1 x SP Cab holder V2
MFU light "Y "splitter
MFU light "Y "splitter

Excellent product works very well with my trailer mods I did...
FZ flat Beacon Bar AMBER
FZ flat Beacon Bar AMBER
£12.00 now £9.60