Beier Data Cable K-USB-2


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You can connect your Beier module UFR, USM-RC-2, SFR to your PC with this cable. You only need a USB port for this.

Data cable K-USB-2 has two functions:

Function 1: Live diagnosis
Using the data cable you can monitor simultaneous in your Sound-Teacher the current settings and transmitted data while you are triggering functions. You can check the diagnosis data for example of the status (received values) of your proportional channels, your in- and outputs and your nautic values. This function is very helpful for troubleshooting.
Your USM-RC-2 can also save the diagnosis data on your SD card (without data cable). To use this function you need to activate it in your Sound-Teacher first. You can check the received values/recorded data with the diagnosis function of your Sound-Teacher. However, without data cable you can only check previous values and not the current "live" values.

Function 2: Transfer configurations and sounds (new since V1.30) from Sound-Teacher to USM-RC-2
Using the data cable you can transmit or change sounds and settings of your sound module without removing the SD card. Normally if you want to configure your sound module you need to remove the SD card from your model, insert it in your SD card reader of your PC and save the new setting with the Sound-Teacher. This can be quite impractical if you need to change configurations very often for example when you want to test different settings.
Transferring sounds with the data cable K-USB-2 might take a few minutes! A sound with a length of 10 seconds takes about 60 seconds until it is transferred. Very long songs and large, new projects are only restrictively recommended to be transferred with the data cable.

In a few cases you might get problems using the data cable K-USB-2 with Windows 7 and Windows 8 due to Windows (not working) hardware driver. You can read on the following link how to install and use our (working) hardware driver, which is on the DVD-ROM of your USM-RC-2. Installation hardware driver K-USB-2
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