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Building HMS Victory by Brian Trott ( Page 2) by Allan Shillitto

victory build compilation
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347 hours

 Building the Jotika Victory -  The canon in place at last

347 hours in, now passed the six months elapsed time (7 months 25 days). The cannons on the upper gun deck are finished and I think I could make one blindfolded. Four additional stages to the rigging meant an elapsed time of 12 days to make a cannon (had I done all 30, one at a time, it would have taken a year!). Rigging was a bit fiddly, but got the hang of it near the end – hopefully the quarterdeck cannons will be neater. I only rigged 14 in the end, as the other 16 are well and truly hidden. Now its on with more pillars and stairs up to the quarterdeck…

361 hours

 Building the Jotika Victory - The canon in place at last

8 months (less one day) elapsed, and 361 hours in. The quarterdeck is on, and having spent just over 100 hours on the upper gun deck, this is all you can see!! What makes matters worse is that later on (next year probably), the four ship’s boats will be placed on top of this area. Still, I know all the detail is there, and the ship’s boats will cover up some of my awful knot tying (I must get a book or something to help). The stairway rigging and pillars all had to be done after the skid beams were put on. This makes it a bit like keyhole surgery, and most of this work has to be done with tweezers. There were a couple of heart stopping moments when I dropped two of the pillars – yes, they bounced down the stairways into the middle gun deck. I managed to get one back up the stairs and the other out through a gun port (phew)

421 hours.

 Building the Jotika Victory -  Planked and Painted!!

At last, all the outer hull planking is on and painted. The inner lining and gun ports are also finished apart from the poop deck. This is now the start of the sticky-up bits on the deck such as the galley stove chimney – they all look very nice but will be prone to knocks (fingers crossed!)

438 hours.

 Building the Jotika Victory -  Adding some detail

More sticky-up bits to accidentally knock off. The belfry, the quarterdeck barricade, waist ladders down to the gun deck, the main companionway staircase and balusters and the companionway to the admirals dining cabin are now in place. One calamity occurred doing this. The main companionway ladder is the only one without rope handrails, which are very handy for lowering the ladders into place. This last ladder is the only one that is fully visible and I dropped it into the stair well. Not only did it slip down to the upper gun deck, but it also slid down the next staircase to the middle gun deck – completely out of reach and in total darkness. D’oh! As Homer would say. After much fiddling with tweezers and a torch, I had to bight the bullet and remove the other ladder to the middle gun deck so I could retrieve the missing ladder (successfully) .

I also tripped over and nearly dropped the model, so I’m stopping for today…

498 hours.

 Building the Jotika Victory -  More work on the topsidesl

things are starting to look pretty at last. 14 more cannons completed and I’m finally getting the hang of the rigging. I used a little jig rather than tying all the lines in situ – a vast improvement. The screens behind the wheel maybe should have been just plain wood finish (as on the current Victory décor), but I couldn’t resist the yellow and black panelling (as in the old Victory guide books), which I think looks so much more interesting (if less historically accurate). The windows are glazed but it doesn’t show up in the photo. Next photo (in a week or so) will be the beakhead which is nearing the completion of the first stage (blue paint make such a change from yellow and black)

518 hours

 Building the Jotika Victory - More work on the topsidesl

(I’ve past the historic 500 hour mark) and the beakhead is started. Relatively simple stage (especially compared to the next bit). My first taste of gun port lids, not too bad but still around a hundred left to do. Bending the mouldings to fit around the roundhouses was a bit tricky, but nothing that a little trial and error wouldn’t cure. The two large cannons were the very last two to be done. You can just see the ship’s bell at the top of the picture.

560 hours

 Building the Jotika Victory - More work on the topsidesl

..... and the bow is just about finished (just a little touching up here and there). Lots of curvy bits that were very tricky to line up – all the curves are three dimensional so while it’s easy to align things up-down and left-right, you have to keep checking the in-out curve as well. Not too many photos showing how the bows should look and they all seem to differ a little, but hopefully it’s about right. Notice there are lots of sticking-out bits now (the yellow cat-heads and the black boomkins) – great care will be needed taking the model in and out of the cabinet now! (yes, I’ve knocked one already). The figurehead was hard on the eyes – I needed a very large magnifying glass and a very very small brush (00). The actual figurehead has huge amounts of detail that is just not possible in a casting this size, so some “approximation” has to be done. From a distance however, it does not look too bad.

594 hours

 Building the Jotika Victory - 1 year into buildl

....... and more importantly, I’ve just past the first anniversary of starting – its been one year and three days since I glued the keel together. The poop deck is just about finished, the deck planking went really well and looks much better than previous attempts. Unfortunately, looking much better means it does not match the other decks so well – D’oh!

Lots of fiddly work on the poop deck – 52 little windows in the skylight and 21 little buckets to fix handles to.

Next step – the stern – lots more detailed painting – time to get a new brush and visit the opticians…

630 hours

 Building the Jotika Victory - 1 year into buildl

.. and the stern gallery is nearly finished. This stage was probably the most satisfying so far. Although it looks very fiddly to do it was not too bad. The etched brass fittings are very detailed and because they can be all painted separately there is very little to paint in situ. The most difficult bit was actually mitring the brass mouldings that go around the base, which has to be bent and bowed in all sorts of directions. These moulding have to be joined at a little less than 90 degrees, and the whole thing slopes backwards as well. Good old milliput filled the gaps though! The crisp finish to the castings helps with the painting as well and I think the end result looks rather good (if I do say so myself). I’m still looking for a good reference picture of the stern trophy of arms before painting, I may go down to Portsmouth soon….

On Quite another tack - Dave Bevan has told us of his efforts with another makers kit and particularly the copper plateing. After trying for some time with the supplied plates he saw some copper tape for sale in varying sizes. The tape and some wheels from a cheap Argos alarm clock have proved to give him the answer to the plates and the nail impressions. Dave did supply pictures but some cameras just cannot cope with real close up work and they were a bit blurred to reproduce. Thanks Dave and perhaps we can have a picture of the whole model sometime.

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